DynastySeries: Jennifer Morel, Nikki Renee, Jae Choice, Nikita Marie- WebTv

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Jennifer Morel : Sosua Beach – More of La Mansión – Jose Guerra
When we head back to Sosua Beach this summer everyone their might be quite upset if we don’t bring Jennifer Morel with us again, and who could blame them.
Nikki Renee, Jae Choice, and Nikita Marie: Lingerie Slumber Party – Jose Guerra
I’m not sure how often slumber parties involve all the girls running around in scantily clad lingerie but I’m hoping it happens every time. At least Jae Choice, Nikita Marie, and Nikki Renee made my dreams come true.
IEC Magazine Previews – IEC Studios
Coming soon IEC Studios and DynastySeries will be debuting our latest project, IEC Magazine. The debut issue is coming this Spring but we wanted to give you an idea on what you should expect.